Thinking about it

George, so your’re married, got the kids, got the job.  And at some point you realize you want more, you’re thinking about it.

Yeah, I admit, we don’t have sex like we use to. The other morning, I rolled over and presented my hard happy sign. She got up, said she had to get to work early this morning. O.K. I understand. I rolled away.

“Oh, little Sparky,” she says, starting to pet the cat!  Pet the cat but not pet me! Time for Sparky, no time for me.

thinking about it

she pets the cat, not me

I don’t think she’s really interested. She would never wake up in the morning and start sucking me, lying there, starting my day with a song on my cock!

Yeah, then I overheard two guys on the metro talking about a blow job from a guy they share. They actually share a guy!  And they talk about it like it’s a visit to the barber.  

So George, guys have discovered the feeling of another guy who lives to suck a guys cock, like the one you got between your legs right now. These guys left the prison of middle-class protocol and make time for excitement. It’s not just sex. You can do that from the convenience of your home, DIY with your own hands.  But to have a guy dedicated to making you a full man. Nothing in return. As opposed to you pleasing her–not all bad–but sucking your cock! . .  . A guy needs to feel like a man.  Look around you. Women bosses! Women telling you what you have to do. Sometimes a guy wants to be a guy and to feel in charge. Even if  it’s just for 40 minutes. This is why we go to the movies.  An hour an half of escape into someone else’s life.

But I worry about liking it and then being gay. I need to keep distance with THAT.thinking about it

This is emotional black magic, George.  If you eat Italian food in an Italian restaurant, served by Italians speaking Italian, does that make you Italian!? These emotional prejudices are deep seated and very difficult to cross over. They function under the rule of LIKE PRODUCES LIKE. If you are gay and I like you then I am gay.  So i must keep my distance.  This is what is at play with Gay Bashing. When the distance turns to anger there is much more going on, like trying to distance one’s self from or destroy another part of one’s self. All gay bashers are secretly hiding there own desires, but cannot act upon them. Like the woman who lost 60 pounds suddenly is on her high horse and cannot stand ‘fat’ people.

But why would a guy want to suck another guy’s cock! Does he have sex glands in the back of his throat like a woman? Not that I care if he’s doing a good job. But it just doesn’t make sense.

Some guys get a great pleasure out of pleasing another guy. It makes them feel important, too. Do you remember that expression when someone is teasing you or saying something unexpected and  you ask: Why did you say that? And he says back, “Oh I said that just to get a RISE out of you.”  What other kind of rise is there than a hard on, saluting the blue sky above.  That is the rise!

Oh, Like UNDERCOVER BOSS, where the boss goes into his company, checks on how it is run, finds out he’s got workers underpaid with life-crippling problems, and then sits down with them and gives them a bonus of 8,000$, and she cries and is so grateful. And the boss feels really great helping her, or him.thinking about it

Yeah, like that.  He feels really good making you feel good.

CONFESSION: Hey bud I’m a horny Aussie lad. I’m straight and I love chicks but I made a big mistake and let a fag touch my cock when I was really pissed. Of course, he quickly dropped to his knees and put my cock in his mouth. This guy was amazing as I’ve never had my cock sucked so well. I told him I was about to blow and he moaned and sucked harder till I flooded his throat. Trouble is now I am spending all my spare time in toilets looking for fags to blow my big fat uncut. What does this mean about me? Cool site BTW bro.

Hey bud, thanks for the confession. Well to answer your question, you’re a straight guy that has discovered that the best cocksuckers are men! No need to be alarmed, like all men, you just enjoy having your cock sucked! You might be surprised to learn that you are not alone, a high percentage of straight men love having a cocksucker service them. They just don’t talk about it. As for me, I’d love to suck your big fat uncut Aussie cock!

If you are straight, and have fantasies in your mind, and want to know more, get in touch:

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If you’ve been wondering about having a suck buddy, on the side, get in touch. Put STRAIGHT in the message.tell me your age, etc. and we’ll see if we can work something out. Discreet, safe. Thanks.

The essence of being alive is sharing with another. If you speak and no one listens, you have not spoken. If you have not taken a cocksucker to your bed, you have not lived! So how to make this happen, how to do it better is what str8buddies is all about.